Talk Solutions creates safe and connected campuses through the teaching of important life skills and programs which positively impact school climate.

Talk Solutions was founded on the principle that all young people deserve to feel safe, connected, engaged and respected at school, and that creating an environment which ensures this will positively affect academic performance and general quality of life. Our methods are grounded in the principles of social and emotional education, restorative practices and non-threatening communication and character development. 

Students who lack social and emotional competencies become less and less connected to school as they progress in their education and this translates to a negative impact on academic performance, behavior and health. A national sample of almost 150,000 6th–12th graders showed that by high school 40–60% of students become chronically disengaged from school, with over 30% engaging in high risk behaviors such as substance use, sex, violence and attempted suicide.

At Talk Solutions, we want your students to grow up with an arsenal of tools which they can use to build lasting relationships, tackle life's toughest problems, engage fully in learning, and live rich, fulfilling lives.  

Expected Outcomes

  • Safe, caring, supportive, and cooperative campuses
  • Connected classrooms and campuses
  • Positive school climate
  • Improved academic engagement
  • Students well-versed in empathy, kindness, and cultural understanding
  • An arsenal of communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills––academic, social or otherwise––for students, staff, and administrators