"You were a huge help in working with me to create a caring culture of respect in our room. I saw remarkable emotional growth in my students through Talk Solutions’ strategies, and was able to maintain a much more successful learning environment." 

-- Teacher, Sun Terrace Elementary School


"My boys learned that they have control over their own feelings and actions. And how to implement that into their daily situations. Also, as a parent, you taught me tools to effectively handle issues within the family and how it affects the boy's behavior."

-- parent, Sun Terrace Elementary School


"They helped [my son] identify his feelings and improve his communication skills with classmates and teachers."

-- parent, Oak Grove Middle School


€‹"I was bullied since first grade. I didn't even want to go to school anymore.  Now people are finally talking and being nice to me." 

-- 5th grader


"They taught me how to tell somebody when I get upset how I feel and what I would like to have happen to make it better"

-- 4th grader


"They made me feel more comfortable with my classmates."

-- 7th grader


"Great advice that I tried out right when I got home. The way they got people to actually participate and talk about their personal problems was amazing. It makes me feel closer to my classmates. " 

-- 9th grader


"Dan did a workshop in my classroom and it was so exciting to watch. Even the toughest and most timid students really took to his warm, charismatic style and opened up to him and to their classmates in a way I'€™d never imagined possible." 

-- Teacher, Rio Linda High School


"Several students in my class displayed behaviors that made teaching very difficult. [After conversations] with Dan, disruptive students came back to class calmed down and more able to focus on instruction. They felt supported, encouraged and understood by him.  At the end of the day, Dan came to discuss his insights and suggests ways I could better work with these students. I found his contribution invaluable." 

--  Teacher, Bel Air Elementary School


"Please make sure Talk Solutions does not get lost in budget cuts.  This is one program that works." 

-- Parent, Oak Grove Middle School


"In addition to being such an asset to my classroom, it is clear that you have become a valuable member of the Sun Terrace community as a whole. You worked closely with staff members, our principal and parents to improve the environment of safety, respect, and responsibility that our school strives for."

-- Teacher, Sun Terrace Elementary School